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August 14, 2006


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Josh Einstein

Interesting. SunRocket uses Sylantro ( as their VoIP software. Sylantro has a very rich development platform. I have worked quite a bit with the Sylantro platform and it's possible to do all sorts of cool things like hook up to call notifications (not just via SIP which would do a single line, but at a subscriber level) and initiate and drop calls. None of this is exposed for end users, but SunRocket could easily create an API wrapper around this to expose to customers if they wanted. I really would like to see a VoIP carrier do that because it would allow me as an application developer to create some kick ass application like a Vista "missed call" sidebar gadget and tell people "you must sign up for SunRocket to use this". It's good for everyone - SunRocket gets a customer, I get a customer, the customer gets cutting edge applications.

Maybe I need to talk to those guys again...

US vpn

I suggest that you get that router since it gives much needed security.

data center

A good practice for VOIP is to understand global government toll-bypass regulations. It may not be legal to offer five-digit dialing for international calls to and from certain countries.

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