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July 28, 2006


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Good on ya cogger! Nice you made it work sheila.


I upgraded to the new T-Mobile ROM a little while back, and have, since then, uninstalled the HotSpot utility, since I don't use the T-Mobile hotspots. Now, I actually would like to have the Comm Manager system tray icon, but don't know how to get it back. I checked my StartUp folder and WiFiInit is still in there. I also tried manually running WiFiInit (both from \Windows and from \Windows\StartUp). Any ideas on how I can get that tray icon back? Thanks!

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Martin,

The only way to get the comm manager system tray icon is version 2.26 is to install the T-Mobile Hotspot utility. You can find the T-Mobile Hotspot utility on the xda-developers ftp web site user xda password xda.


Anyone know of any way to get the default in-call volume to be greater than what it is currently? Reg hack, etc. I cannot hear calls in most situations even turned all the way up.

Stephen Skarlatos

Here is a link from xda-developers which has the audio gain registry hack: Hope this helps.


is it possible to disable the sliding open/closing motion(to get to the keyboard) via the registry. that is, my locking mechanism is getting worn and even when i put it on standby it wakes up right away because it 'feels' the mechanism slide.

is there a way to unlink this motion from the 'wake up'

Stephen Skarlatos

The keyboard sliding action on my MDA does not wake up the device. There is no registry setting associated with the sliding action of the keyboard.
My only suggestion is that you use the lock feature under settings/personal lock. You can also display this feature on the Today screen by checking device lock under settings/today/items.

Hope this helps.


Does anyone know how to set custom tones as message alerts... i tried to put .WAV files in my windows registry and they showed up in the drop box in the sounds & Notifications folder, but they don't work when I pick them... Thanx

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