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June 10, 2006


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Glad to see this went fine for you...

Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the "Data crashes. Please contact your service provider" screen, which I think is because I only CID unlocked, and didn't SIM unlock as well.

Any ideas how to get past this? Been pouring through XDADEV and HOFO for the last 4 hours, but haven't found a good answer...

Thanks man...dig the site.

Stephen Skarlatos

Hi Andy,

Thanks, the problem is not the SIM unlock. I upgraded from 1.08 to 2.17 to 2.21 to 2.24 without SIM unlocking the unit. I only ran CID unlock with 2.17 and 2.21. T-Mobile just sent me the code to perform the SIM unlock on 6/6/06 after I had upgraded to 2.24.

Unfortunately, I think you just had one of those failed upgrade or you have a problem with your SIM card.

My suggestions:

Clean the SIM card with a swab and rubbing alcohol (make no fiber filamment are left, you can use a clean pencil eraser to remove any fibers), then reset it. If that does not work follow these steps:

I did some research and posted my findings here

From previous experience with HTC units, putting them in bootloader mode clears up most problems with ROM upgrades. I hope this helps.

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