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June 13, 2006


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Hey Stephen,

Just wanted to say I really appreciate the info...this is AWESOME. Keep up the great work with the site(s)...


I've tried this but at the tri-color screen (even with the "USB" at the bottom) it won't connect to ActiveSync nor will the ROM update programs (or CID program)see the phone. I'm stuck with a phone that won't start up past the tri-color boot screen!

Stephen Skarlatos

ActiveSync won't see the device in bootloader mode. You should connect the device and run the CID unlock and/or the ROM upgrade. If CID unlock and the ROM upgrade does not see the device, try pulling the battery out for 10 minutes and repeat the process.


Its not working on my T-mobile MDA.I have been working for last ten days. Please HELP!!!
it shows IPL and SPL 2.26

 Kate Frandisen

Have you tried a hard reset of the phone?

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