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April 07, 2006


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wow. i better watch out myself.. did you sit on the screen? also, did you have insurance or did t-mobile offer that rpelacement off-the-bat?


Thinking back on how it happened, I was wearing sweat pants which were fairly loose and the only thing I can think of was that I did sit on part of the unit. I was charged $100 by T-Mobile for a replacement.


Wow, thats is surprising to me that t-mobile didn't make you pay for a whole new phone. $100 isn't bad at since, as I understand it, you aren't paying 4-6 dollars a month for the "service plan" I thought that they would have charged you the whole price. Thats good to know, but now you have me nervous about my new phone.


hi there
part of my screen does not work. i push but nothing
someone knows what is going on?

Stephen Skarlatos

Have you tried recalibrating your screen in start/settings/screen Align Screen? If that does not work, the next step is a hard reset (make sure you backup any data you want to keep) using start/settings/screen/clear storage. If that does not clearup the problem, it is probably hardware related and you need to call T-Mobile.


look in to your mda you can't get no game for it

the man

check you mda you not download no game are you can not upgrade it to 6.0 check it out


My MDA has a cracked screen also. Will T-Mobile replace the phone for $100 without insurance on it? If not, what other options do I have to get this screen replaced? I love this phone, would like to keep using it, however its a pain to use when the screen is cracked! Help!!

Stephen Skarlatos

I would call T-Mobile to see what options they can offer you since they no longer sell the MDA. You might also want to call or email, they have help me many times in the past with different Pocket PC hardware issues.


i just bought a used but like new tmobile wing from my sister, we are both so broke with our familys its not even funny... she needs moeney and i dont have money to spend...... i promised a payment plan with her,,, 3 days into owning the phone as i was putting my son in his car seat i bumped into my front right pocket against the door and cracked the screen.... all i see is white.... wont show nothing but i hear the sounds.... my question is am i fucked or what? will i be paying close to the phones price just to get it fixed or wtf? i am so frusterated, ive always been the type to not get an expensive phone.... the one time i try 3 days in,,, DONE FOR....... any advice on what id be lookin at would be sweet.... ive got a newbourn and lots of bills... as i am working two jobs to have a decient home and life..... and the last thing i can affford is a fix on a phone i cant even afford... its like biting a bullet.....
if anyone has info or feedback..... ill suck yo dick... lol im jk, but email me at [email protected]

Stephen Skarlatos

Sorry to hear that. Your best bet is to contact the guys at at (888)301-2595 and run through your problem with them. Over the years I have found to be very helpful in finding to cheapest repair solutions.

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